Report: Apple’s AirPods top Best Buy sales charts for October

Despite the lack of any new updates, Apple’s AirPods are continuing to sell very well, with a new report by Thinknum revealing that they took top place on Best Buy’s sales charts in the month of October, inching up from an already impressive second place spot in September. Thinknum uses sales-rank data from Best Buy to publish a list of the top-selling products every month, and notes that AirPods scored number one in October, beating out Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, which held the top spot in September. According to Thinknum’s data, the average category sales rank for AirPods was 11.38 over 29 days. While the Amazon Fire TV Stick moved to second place, with an average category sales rank of 14.62, Apple’s Lightning-to-3.5mm Headphone Adapter took third place with an average rank of 19.69. While it’s possible some of this may be the result of pent-up demand anticipating a new set of AirPods would be announced in September, it seems clear that nobody was waiting for an announcement at Apple’s Oct. 30 event. [via 9to5Mac]

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