Report: Blogger claims Apple augmented reality headset may arrive this year

Tech blogger Robert Scoble, who previously claimed that Carl Zeiss was working with Apple to create augmented reality glasses after an encounter at CES, is now claiming that the glasses will debut this year. On a recent episode of the show “This Week in Tech,” Scoble said several sources “at the highest levels” have told him Apple my announce the glasses this summer, possibly in conjunction with the opening of Apple’s new headquarters or release of the 10th anniversary iPhone.
Scoble expects the glasses to be lightweight and dependent on an iPhone or other wearable device to function. “This is Tim Cook’s legacy,” Scoble said while talking about the project’s announcement. Apple patented an AR mapping system last year, and other reports have cited Apple buying up “small quantities of near-eye displays” for testing purposes. Well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said he expects to see Apple get into the AR business, integrating the technology into “key product lines” and possibly aiding in the development of an autonomous driving system. [via Apple Insider]

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