Report: Cingular to launch music service sans Apple

In a move that would no doubt signal the end of its partnership with Apple, Cingular has reportedly teamed up with iTunes rivals Napster, Yahoo Music and eMusic to launch a new music service. The service, which could be announced as early as tomorrow, will work on music-playing cell phones and will eventually offer wireless downloads, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“Cingular’s service initially will support transferring music from personal computers to cellphones using a cable. In a first for music-enabled cellphones, users will be able to transfer music acquired from ‘all you can eat’ subscription services like Napster to Go, Yahoo’s Y Music Unlimited or eMusic,” reports the Journal.

“They will also be able to transfer songs ripped from CDs or downloaded in the MP3 and Windows Media formats. Next year, Cingular is scheduled to add an over-the-air downloading component that will feature a menu for compatible telephone handsets that takes users to a virtual store, similar to the ones customers already use to buy ringtones.”