Report claims next-gen iPhone gets iOS 6, keeps A5, SGX543 chip


A new report has emerged claiming knowledge of a number of details related to the hardware inside the next-generation iPhone. Citing an unnamed source, 9to5Mac reports that the handset is powered by a new variant of the A5 chip found in the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and third-generation iPad, with a SGX543-based GPU, now with 1GB of RAM. The chip is dubbed the ARM S5L8950X, and the GPU is currently being called SGX543RC*, with the asterisk representing a “sensitive number that could identify people working on the device.” These details are noteworthy only in that they reduce the possibility that the new iPhone will sport an A6 processor with more power than the current-generation iPad; it appears more likely that this new A5-based chip will focus on lower power consumption, instead.

The report claims that prototypes of the handset are running iOS 6, with a Darwin Kernel Version of 13.0.0, or a full release higher than found in the most recent developer beta of OS X Mountain Lion. According to the source, Apple is in the latter stages of iOS 6 development, to the point where an October release would seem easily reachable, and an earlier release is a possibility. Finally, the report claims that the revamped Maps application in iOS 6 will not feature a 3D button next to the location button, as previously reported—that button will be hidden underneath the main map interface, in the bottom right scroll/menu—and that the application will likely undergo several changes before release.


Charles Starrett

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