A new Bloomberg Businessweek feature offers new insights into the post-Steve Jobs era at Apple, drawing from “interviews with more than two dozen current and former Apple executives, employees, and partners.” The story notably discusses reactions to the retirement of Senior Vice President Bob Mansfield, as “several senior engineers on Mansfield’s team vociferously complained to Cook about reporting to his replacement, Dan Riccio, who they felt was unprepared for the magnitude of the role.” Cook responded by offering Mansfield a package of cash and stock worth roughly $2 million per month to stay at Apple as an adviser, after which Mansfield unretired.

Information about Jobs’ involvement with iOS 6 Maps is included, as insiders said Jobs initiated the project. The report speculates that Jobs could have killed the app before its launch, and notes that “Jobs also discussed pulling Google search from the iPhone, but figured that customers would reject that move, according to two former Apple executives.”

The Bloomberg story also includes details about the leadership style and decisions of CEO Tim Cook, who gave a speech to employees that Jobs’ death was “the saddest moment in his life.” As the story notes: “No one would say Apple is better off without Steve Jobs. But to a surprising degree, it’s doing fine.”

Phil Dzikiy

Phil Dzikiy was the Editor-in-Cheif at iLounge. He mostly edited and oversaw all site editorial content, managed staff and freelancers, made the final call on product review grades and awards, and led online coverage of all Apple events and live coverage of the International CES in 2015.