Report: Fingerprint-on-display tech not coming to iPhone any time soon

Despite competitors moving to integrate fingerprint authentication into their smartphone displays, it appears Apple remains all-in on Face ID authentication, according to well-connected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In an investor note reported by MacRumors, Apple has no plans a all to return to fingerprint recognition in its 2019 iPhone lineup, and Kuo does not expect Apple to support any kind of fingerprint-on-display technology any time soon, with the company expected to continue relying upon and improving Face ID as its primary authentication method for home-buttonless iPhone models.

Kuo notes that Android manufacturers are working to adopt fingerprint-on-display (FOD) technology to differentiate their devices from the iPhone, with all of the main Android brands looking to implement FOD within the next year following positive user feedback on Vivo’s X21 FOD version, it’s also worth noting that Kuo indicates Android manufacturers are “several years away” from being able to match Apple’s Face ID technology, with most facial recognition systems being considerably less secure than Apple’s advanced 3D facial mapping system. Fingerprint-on-display technology is easier to implement, and Kuo expects an increasing number of Android manufacturers to get on board with FOD tech over the next year.

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