Report: Higher-end AirPods may be coming in 2019

Apple is planning on releasing a pair of higher-end AirPods next year, according to a new report from Bloomberg, which backs up another report from earlier this year. Back in February, Bloomberg noted that Apple could be releasing a new model of AirPods later this year that would include an upgraded wireless chip and handsfree Siri support, and hinted at a subsequent 2019 model that would add water resistance. This latest report expands on the 2019 plans, suggesting that these may be a higher-end version released alongside the current AirPods — kind of like an “AirPods Pro” version — since they will likely carry a higher price tag. The new premium AirPods are expected to include noise cancellation technology and water resistance, as well as increased range. The water resistance, however, isn’t geared toward swimmers, but rather intended to protect against rain and perspiration, according to sources. Sources also reveal that Apple has been contemplating adding biometric sensors to future AirPods, such as a heart-rate monitor, to push them into the area of health-related accessories, although these are currently speculative features that aren’t likely to make it into any of the 2019 models.

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