Report: iPhone 7 will include Lightning adapter instead of Lightning EarPods

A new research note from Deutsche Bank (via Business Insider) reports that the next-generation iPhone will include a “Lightning-to-audio dongle” in the package rather than a set of Lightning-equipped EarPods. Although the research note confirms several other recent rumors about the upcoming iPhone, including the elimination of the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of a Lightning connection, it cites supply chain sources claiming that Lightning headphones will not be included in the package; however it’s unclear whether this means Apple will simply continue to include the 3.5mm EarPods of prior versions, or eliminate the headphones from the packaging entirely.
The report also notes that the Plus model will come with 3GB of RAM and a dual-camera system, both models will include “professional class water-proofing” and that the home button will be touch-sensitive and use haptic feedback motors to simulate a click. Interestingly, the report also indicates that a new color option will be available, although it doesn’t provide any details on what the color will be.

Leaked photos from earlier this month appeared to show a new set of Lightning EarPods that would presumably be packaged with the iPhone 7, although like most leaked photos, the veracity of them remains questionable — they could easily represent a third-party OEM product being developed in anticipation of the new iPhone. Similarly, reports of a new color option have been mixed, with a report in early June suggesting a new deep blue color option being contradicted by a later report showing a photo claiming to be of iPhone 7 molds in only the standard four colors.

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