Report: ‘iPhone 8’ pre-orders to begin in Sept. to ship ‘several weeks later’

A new research report from long-time Apple analyst Brian White (via MacRumors) suggests that Apple will likely announce the 5.8-inch “iPhone 8” at a September event, alongside the two lower-end 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch “S” models, but that the premium model will only be available for pre-orders around that time, with delivery not expected until “several weeks later.” White notes that while the higher-end iPhone would still be expected to arrive in time for the Christmas holiday season, “challenges around the 3D sensing technology” would cause the more advanced model to not go into production until later in the year. This confirms a report earlier this week suggesting there would be delays related to not only the 3D sensors but also OLED screen lamination, but White adds that his contact was “emphatic about the delay,” but that it’s still early enough in the year that the situation could improve.
White is currently in Taiwan gathering information from Apple’[s supply chain, and based the report on information from a “smartphone contact” that is “diligently following the supply chain data points,” adding more credibility to the prediction. Other reports have also suggested manufacturing delays for the more advanced model due to the amount of new technology Apple is pushing into it, but some analysts have suggested that it may be simply a matter of extremely limited stock being available for initial orders, similar to the release of the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus last fall, while others have suggested that Apple may not even release the new model until it’s ready to ship in October or November.

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