Speculation as to the actual size of a larger next-generation iPad is continuing, as a report from Japanese magazine Mac Fan (via MacOtakara) purports to offer specifics as to the device’s dimensions and features. A schematic suggests a design nearly identical to the iPad Air 2, only with a larger 12.2” screen and a total of four speakers spread across the top and bottom of the tablet for orientation-agnostic stereo sound. Mac Fan claims that the device, referred to as the “iPad Air Plus,” will measure 305.31mm by 220.8mm by 7mm, include an A9 processor, and arrive between April and June of 2015. A fan-made video shows how Mac Fan’s claimed tablet would compare in size to the current iPad and iPhone lineup, with notably nearly the same footprint as a 13” MacBook Air — but markedly thinner and under an inch narrower.

Additionally, Mac Fan claims that the next-generation iPad mini, dubbed iPad mini 4, will be a smaller version of the iPad Air 2 — presumably with the moved microphone, removed side switch, and thinner profile — with an A8X processor inside. Confusingly, it’s suggested that Apple will remove the iPad mini and iPad mini 3 from the family when the mini 4 is released, apparently leaving the iPad mini 2 as a lower-priced option. It’s unclear why Apple would discontinue the nearly identical iPad mini 3, with its Touch ID sensor and gold color option, in favor of the older model.

Jeremy Horwitz

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