Report: New Apple TV app to provide show recommendations

An Apple TV app set to be announced Thursday will help users find new shows based on what they already like, USA Today reports. Sources said the app has been referred to as “the Watch List” in discussions with network executives, and it will recommend shows based on what viewers are accessing with their Apple TV. The move could be a boon for networks looking to adapt to a digital marketplace where they can’t simply schedule a new show next to an established hit to get their audience to give it a try.
Apple has put a new focus on expanding the abilities of the Apple TV to assist viewers in finding new content. The latest Apple TV already includes a universal search feature that allows users to search once for a term and see results from multiple sources, and the company has opened up its API so more providers can make their content searchable. The company is also rumored to be working on an enhanced digital TV guide service that would work on the iPhone and iPad, in addition to the Apple TV.


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