Report: Only new high-end iPhone getting wireless charging, charger to be sold separately

Citing sources in Taiwan, Macotakara claims only one of the three iPhone models expected to be released this year will have a glass back and be equipped for wireless charging. While it’s possible that the feature will be included to differentiate the “iPhone 8” (or “iPhone X”) from the other models, early reports that Foxconn was having trouble delivering working charging modules could point to a need for Apple to scale back its plans due to the limited supply. The report also suggests that Apple won’t be providing the Lightining-to-3.5mm headphone jack adapter that came with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus or a Lightning-to-USB-C cable that would make the phone compatible with the current line of MacBook Pros without buying the cable or using a dongle. Those wanting to make use of the wireless charging features in the “iPhone 8” would have to buy that charger separately as well.
In another move that could hint at wireless charging coming to a future iPhone, Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium, a collection of technology companies with a combined interest in the future of wireless power. The Apple Watch already uses the WPC’s Qi standard to charge, and the timing of Apple’s decision to join the group hints that the company could be interested in rolling out an inductive charging method for the new iPhone, rather than using a longer distance charging method. [via 9to5Mac]

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