Report: Prince’s catalog coming to Apple Music ‘very soon’ (Update: Streaming will start Feb. 12)

Prince’s music will be available to stream on Apple Music “very soon,” according to a Pitchfork report. Tidal has been the exclusive streaming home to Prince’s back catalog since July 2015, but that looks to change in the coming weeks. Currently, Prince’s final album — Hit n Run Phase Two, released in December 2015 — is the only Prince album available for streaming on Apple Music. Prince died roughly four months after that album’s release. The report also speculates that Prince’s music will also return to Spotify in the very near future.

Update: An “insider” told the The New York Post that Prince’s albums recorded for Warner Music Group will appear on Apple Music and other streaming services starting February 12, the night of this year’s Grammy awards. Deals for the albums Prince recorded outside of his deal with Warner are still being negotiated, according to sources.

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