Report: Two new versions of Apple Watch coming this year

In a note to investors, well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple has plans to launch two versions of the Apple Watch this year. One will be a minor update of the current Apple Watch model, sporting the same general design, but with improved internal components and better waterproofing. The other, referred to as “Apple Watch 2,” will also share a similar outward design, but will boast a higher capacity battery, GPS radio, and a barometer for improved geolocation capabilities.
Neither model is expected to be slimmer than the current Apple Watch. Kuo said he doesn’t see Apple changing the form factor of its wearables in 2017 either, with the company instead focusing on adding LTE support for standalone cellular and data functionality. Bigger design changes will likely have to wait for 2018, when the device could also add improved health applications, possibly aiming for FDA approval. [via Apple Insider]

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