Report: White iPhone 4 fixed by new Japanese paint


A report from Macotakara suggests that a new Japanese-developed painting material is responsible for fixing the white model’s production woes. Citing an unnamed source, the report claims that the new material allows for the thickness of the painted layer to be specified prior to application, which apparently results in better yields and fewer defective products. A separate report from July 2010 indicated that Lens Technology, a small Chinese company responsible for transforming fine raw glass into the final iPhone glass panel, was the cause of the white iPhone’s delay. According to that report, the company couldn’t find the right combination of paint thickness and opacity to allow for attachment of the digitizer while keeping the panel the correct color of white, a claim which would appear to substantiate this new report. The white iPhone 4 has been spotted on the websites and in inventory systems of several iPhone 4 retailers and carriers, suggesting that Apple will be able to hit its previously-announced Spring 2011 timeframe for the launch of the device.

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