Well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a note to investors about Apple’s rumored wireless “AirPods” ahead of the company’s iPhone event tomorrow, saying he expects Apple to have “its own-designed Bluetooth-like communication chip and launch own-brand Bluetooth headphones targeting the high-end market.” In a statement that echoes previous reports, Kuo said Apple’s own custom chip may deviate from Bluetooth specifications, providing the company with its own proprietary low-power wireless communications for home and auto accessories beyond headphones.
Kuo contends that going its own way lets Apple meet “higher requirements for power-saving, communication specs and potential rapid growth” than if it stuck with the current Bluetooth standards.
Kuo said he sees Apple including Lightning EarPods and Lightning-to-headphone adapters with its new iPhones, but predicts wireless headphones will become the default option for may iPhone users, with Apple-branded AirPods on the high end and a range of Beats headphone options spanning the middle of the market. He didn’t make any prediction as to the price of Apple AirPods. [via Apple Insider]


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