Reports: Camera issues to delay iPod releases?

Apple has experienced technical difficulties with cameras intended for updated iPods, according to two reports. Separately citing “reliable” and “strong” sources regarding upcoming Apple announcements, HardMac and AppleInsider report that camera problems may push back the release of new iPods until after their official unveiling at Apple’s Rock and Roll media event this week.

The reports differ, however, in the specific models said to be impacted by the issues; HardMac claims that the problems are limited to the third-generation iPod touch, while AppleInsider suggests problems with both the iPod touch and the fifth-generation iPod nano. According to HardMac, “the problem has been spotted in the first dozen of thousands units produced,” and those units have been “put aside.” Apple has in past years had new iPods available within days of announcement; it is unclear whether the reports are accurate, and if so, how much of an impact the issues will actually have on the rollout and performance of the new models.

Possible scenarios include no delays—under conditions that the rumors are unfounded, that potentially problematic units are released anyway, or that all potentially problematic units have been isolated—as well as delays related to additional quality assurance.