Researchers use iPad 2 camera to create glasses-free 3D effect

A group of French researchers has created a proof-of-concept app and video that demonstrates the iPad 2’s ability to create glasses-free 3D effects. Jeremie Francone and Laurence Nigay of the Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble, EHCI Research Group discovered that by using the device’s front-facing camera to track the head of the user—and therefore determine the angle from which the user is looking at the device—they could create a spatially-aware display. Notably, the effect does not use the device’s accelerometer, and instead relies solely on the front camera. The video is available for viewing on YouTube via the above link or below in embedded form. [via TUAW]

  1. Interesting article. I’ve recently been thinking that there would be incredible ways to utilize a device like Kinect with an iPad 2. You could change Pandora stations from across the room, scroll through and read email and even play games without actually touching the screen.

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  2. Not the first time I’ve seen technology like this, but it looks like it’s implemented well here.

    Honestly, at this point I’m more excited about devices using tech like this than 3D displays like on the Nintendo 3DS. You don’t get the stereoscopic parallax effect, but the motion parallax is still pretty slick, and can also effectively provide some of the depth perception for games. Also, it has a lot of potential for improving interfaces, is usable by anyone with at least one good eye and isn’t likely to give people headaches and eye strain, and doesn’t require the increased cost and greatly decreased battery life and viewing angle of a 3D display.

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