Retailer offers kalbi beef-styled iPod case

A retailer based in Japan is now offering Kalbi Pod Rare (Translated link), a bizarre third-generation iPod nano case designed to look to look like a piece of Korean kalbi beef. Regularly sold for the equivalent of $90, the plastic case has been textured and colored to resemble meat from Wagyu cattle, which is used for production of Japan’s high-grade Kobe beef. Kalbi Pod Rare offers open access to all ports and controls, and comes in a meat container-styled package, complete with an outer plastic wrapper, inner absorbent foam, and barcode label that looks like it was on a supermarket shelf. The retailer, Rakuten, also sells less expensive business card holders made from the same material. Kalbi Pod Rare is currently sold out, but available for a May delivery in Japan at a discounted price of $70. [via dVICE]

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