Retrial for damages in Apple patent case set for March or April

A retrial to set damages in Apple’s long-standing patent dispute with Samsung is set for March or April of next year, Apple Insider reports. U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh set the timeline after getting an official mandate from the Federal Circuit’s Court of Appeals, less than a week after putting a freeze on filings in the case ahead of the appeals court’s recommendation. The new trial will calculate the damages Samsung must pay Apple over five of its products that infringed on six Apple patents. Samsung previously argued an initial $930 million judgement down to $548 million and is hoping to knock more off that total now that some of the Apple patents cited in the initial ruling have since been deemed invalid. Koh ordered Apple to respond to Samsung’s latest round of objections by Sept. 8, ahead of a case management conference for both sides set for Sept. 16.

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