RHA announces CL2 Planar, the first wireless in-ear planar magnetic earphones

RHA has announced the CL2 Planar, the world’s first planar magnetic Bluetooth in-ear headphones. While planar magnetic headphones have become a favourite of audio enthusiasts due to their clean and highly accurate sound, up until now almost all planar magnetic headphones have been full-sized wired on-ear headphones such as the recent Hifiman Ananada, with Audeze’s unique iSine10 being the notable exception. RHA’s new CL2 Planar, however, sport a far more traditional IEM design while also featuring both wired and Bluetooth connectivity — a first among planar magnetic headphones.

To accomplish this, RHA spent four years developing the most compact planar magnetic driver to date, a ten millimetre driver consisting of a planar coil and 16-micrometre diaphragm suspended above two matched magnetic fields. The result is high-fidelity audio from in-ear headphones that provide the response and accuracy of the planar magnetic technology that’s traditionally only been seen on much larger headphones. The housings themselves are made from zirconium dioxide for both style and durability, as well as providing a smooth internal surface to avoid disrupting the audio flow. MMCX detachable 3.5mm OFC and balanced Ag4x 2.5mm braided cables are included for connecting directly to standard audio inputs, while a new and enhanced version of RHA’s Bluetooth SecureFlex neckband can be used to connect the headphones wirelessly, providing 12 hours of battery life and a universal remote for switching between music, calls, and Siri, and support for both aptX and AAC codecs. The package will also include a flight case, carrying pouch, stainless steel ear tip holder, flight adapter, and multiple silicone and Comply Foam ear tips. The RHA CL2 Planar are available for pre-order from RHA’s web site beginning today for $899.95 and are expected to ship on Sept. 12.

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