Ridax debuts smaller iPod/iPhone Charge Converter

Ridax has debuted its new Small Charge Converter for the iPod and iPhone. Ridax was the first company to market with a converter to allow older FireWire-charging accessories to charge the iPhone 3G, and subsequently the fourth-generation iPod nano and second-generation iPod touch.

It says the new converter lacks the mini-USB port found on its original, larger converter design, which measures 35mm x 32mm x 14mm compared to the new design’s 40mm x 18mm x 11mm. The company also notes that many Pioneer and Mini Cooper systems remain incompatible with these models for charging purposes, even with an adapter.

The Ridax Small Charge Converter is available now for $30; owners of the large model wishing to trade-in may do so for $7.

Editor’s Note: Ridax posted an anonymous comment to this story to try and make readers believe that its “converter is priced too low,” and “for sure should cost more than double that.” As a consequence, Ridax has been banned for violating our policies on astroturfing, and we discourage our readers from doing business with companies that engage in such marketing practices.