Rogers details iPhone voice and data plans

Rogers Communications has posted details of its voice and data packages for the iPhone 3G. Four different packages will be available for the iPhone, ranging in price from C$60 to C$115. The C$60 plan will provide 150 weekday minutes, 400MB of data, and 75 text messages, while C$75 brings 300 weekday minutes, 750MB of data, and 100 text messages. A C$100 plan will offer 600 weekday minutes, 1GB of data, and 200 text messages, while the most expensive (C$115) plan will provide 800 weekday minutes, 2GB of data, and 300 texts. All four plans will include unlimited night and weekend calling, unlimited access to Rogers Wireless and Fido Wi-Fi hotspots, as well as Visual Voicemail. In addition to these plans, Rogers will offer two iPhone Value Pack feature bundle add-ons. The C$15 Value Pack will include call display, the WhoCalled feature, 2,500 texts, caller Ring Trax, and 2,500 call forwarding minutes, while the C$20 pack bumps the texts to 10,000, and adds 6pm early evening calling. Rogers will begin selling the iPhone 3G on July 11, with the 8GB model costing C$199 and the 16GB model C$299, both with a three-year commitment.

  1. Rogers takes a great little phone and turns the rate plan into pure suffering. Why on earth can’t they follow ATT model in the states? This annoyingly long list of caps and price plateaus and extra-options are ridiculously overpriced. The Canadian dollar is even valued higher than the US dollar, so it shouldn’t have been such an issue. Thumbs-down, Rogers!

  2. they are going to loose alot of potential customers with these rates.
    last year I was using an unlocked version, and just opening 1 website page used up over 5 megs in a 10 minute period. 400 mb a month only works out to 12 megs a day, thats all.
    I was hoping for a $30 or $40 month unlited plan, but I guess I will just keep the blackberry, and upgrade to the BOLD.

    Don’t even think about using the SlingPlayer when it eventaully works with the iPhone, that streaming will use use 200-300 meg in under 1 hour of streaming.

    Rogers, I don’t have to tell you, but you know where to go.

  3. Until this morning I was seriously considering canceling my Bell Mobility Accounts and swallowing the “penalty pill”. I even discussed moving my other Bell accounts (assuming decent iPhone pricing) over to Rogers for the simplicity of “one bill”.

    Low and behold, “Rogers” strikes out again. (lol) Looks like I’ll be saving my penalty fees and a whole bunch of unnecessary “iPhone data” fees.

    Until Rogers can provide iPhone service at a reasonable cost you know what you can do with your 3G network….

  4. Once again Rogers helps to establish that Canada is still in the telecom dark ages. We were once global leaders and now we have to beg for scraps from the jerks running the networks. I hope Telus and Bell move quickly with GSM networks so some real competition for the iPhone is generated. Booo!

  5. Yeah, Rogers is ridiculous. They can’t even make their web site work properly for people to give them money. I went to their site to pay my bill, went through all the steps and got a ‘thanks for paying’ page, which I saved to a pdf. 2 weeks later I get a text message saying that I haven’t paid. Sure enough, I re-read the saved pdf, and the page was missing the confirmation number. When I called them to complain about it, the person told me they knew the web site had problems, but there was no point in her taking my complaint because the people doing the web site would just ignore the complaint as being “secondhand”. Yes, my directly complaining to a Rogers employee is considered a secondhand complaint to the Rogers web team. Unfortunately, all the mobile providers [bell, telus, rogers] have similarly poor quality of service…

  6. Rogers sucks just has I expected them to do.
    Product is great, price are ridiculous.

    Waht to do now? I’ll simply buy my self the next (possibly 32 Gb) iPod Touch and a great 5$/month low-tech pager.

    Buy smart! 😉

  7. just left a comment on Rogers’ site…

    start quote

    ref: iPhone price plans.

    I actually was looking forward to getting one (iPhone) and was anticipating paying a little more then the “usual” plan with normal phone. woa! just saw you price plans… there is no way to afford that… maybee when I get to be the CEO of Rogers of something like that…. hehehehe.

    Sorry Rogers, you lost me on that one.

    ps; no reply needed…. just a plain old rant!

    R. Mercure

    end quote

    ho well…. back to the blackberry

  8. man i feel sorry for all the Canadians that have to use that shitty network. Glad im not a Canadian at for that reason though. my god. Rogers is worse than verizon and THAT is BAD.

  9. woow, a plan with 150min for week days/ 400MB/ $60. That’s like talking for 37.5 minutes a week at 4 weeks period.

    woow…. that’s embarrassing to see a company actl. seriously offering a plan like that.

  10. why only blame rogers,blame the govt. as well for having monopolies in practically every area….telecommunications,cable,internet,airlines….its sad and if we dont open up canada is going to suffer in the long run. companies will be greedy always,profit is there aim but the govt. is suppose to be for the people, i guess rogers pays them well for making the canadian market obsolete and incompetent as ever

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