Roland announces new app for creating split screen music videos

Venerable musical instrument maker Roland has released 4XCAMERA, a new video capture app for iOS devices. Although it’s a slight departure from the company’s usual offerings, 4XCAMERA is still targeted at musicians, with the goal of helping to create music videos that can combine up to four performances on a split screen. Users start by capturing a single video using the app, and can then use that initial video to record up to three more performances, adding new parts on each pass. Users can then apply one of 10 split-screen patterns and adjust volumes for each of the videos separately for the perfect sound mix before rendering a final video file that can be shared directly on YouTube or other social media sites.
The app supports aspect ratios of both 1:1 and 16:9, and it’s available as a free download that allows up to two performances to be captured and combined; full functionality is unlocked via a $4 in-app purchase. The app also allows the user to access songs from the iOS music library that can be monitored through a set of headphones as a guide for laying down the first track without interfering with the original performance. Video projects can also be collaborated on via cloud-based storage, so individual performances can be recorded on different devices, allowing multiple musicians to participate from anywhere in the world. Sound can be recorded through the iPhone or iPad’s built-in microphone, or users can connect an audio capture device such as Roland’s GO:MIXER to capture higher-quality audio directly through the Lightning connector.

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