Russian police investigating Apple for ‘gay propaganda’ over emoji

Emoji depicting same-sex couples have prompted Russian police to launch an investigation into whether Apple is breaking local laws against “promoting homosexuality,” The Telegraph reports. A lawyer in Russia’s Kirov region filed a complaint with local authorities, arguing emoji that came with iOS 8.3 and later versions which depict gay couples kissing and holding hands violate Russian laws against promoting homosexuality to minors. If found guilty, Apple could be fined 800,000 to 1 million rubles and be suspended from operating in Russia for up to three months. Apple has taken heat from Russia over the issue before, with Russian legislator Vitaly Milonov suggesting a ban on Apple products last year, because Apple CEO Tim Cook is gay. The company also faced scrutiny over its free download of U2’s album “Songs of Innocence,” which Russian legislator Aleksandr Starovoitov called “gay propaganda.”