Scosche rolls out slew of iPod, iPhone accessories

Scosche has introduced a number of new cases, charging accessories, and alarm clock systems for the iPhone and iPod touch. The passPORT is a new charging adapter for the iPhone 3G and latest iPod models, allowing them to charge via older Firewire charging accessories. It is available for pre-order now and is expected to begin shipping later this month for $30. The reCOIL is a car charger for iPod and iPhone featuring a retractable 4-foot cord that mounts flush with the charging bulb when not in use. It sells for $30. Also available now are the IALM and iALM3 alarm clocks for iPod. Selling for $70 and $60, respectively, the two units feature the ability to wake to an iPod or buzzer, snooze control, the ability to charge the iPod while docked, the ability to run off 6 AA batteries, and a multifunction backlit LED. The IALM also features a digital FM tuner and a more rectangular design with a recessed docking area on top, while the iALM3 features a 3.5mm auxiliary input, and a more angular design.

imageScosche has also introduced new cases for the iPhone 3G and fourth-generation iPod nano. The kickBACK is a hard clear polycarbonate case for the iPhone 3G that offers open access to all ports and controls along with two back panels, one smooth, and one with a built-in kickstand for watching video. It includes a laminate screen protector, a removal key and a cleaning cloth, and is available for pre-order now for $30. Also selling for $30 are tightGRIP silicone skins for iPhone 3G. Featuring open access to all ports and controls, the skins include a clear laminate screen protector and cleaning cloth. The soundKASE is a lightweight neoprene case with adjustable armband, featuring built-in screen protection, reflective accents, and a key slot. It offers compatibility with the first- and second-generation iPod touch, as well as the iPhone and iPhone 3G, and sells for $25. Finally, the skipodn clear sleeve for iPod nano is a multi-purpose case for the fourth-generation iPod nano, offering built-in screen and Click Wheel protection and an included belt clip and sport armband. It sells for $25.

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