See iPod touch, iPhone comparison videos now

In addition to our unboxing and comparison photos, iLounge has posted a series of comparison videos enabling you to see the iPhone and iPod touch alongside one another. The following videos are available:

See iPod touch, iPhone comparison videos now

iPod touch versus iPhone Interface Comparison: See the iPod touch and iPhone interfaces running next to each other—everything minus music/video playback, Safari, and iTunes.

iPod touch versus iPhone Safari Loading, Body Comparison: See both devices side-by-side loading pages from, then physically compared to one another, then loading YouTube.

iPod touch iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store: See the new iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store being accessed briefly from the iPhone.

iPod touch and iPhone Music and Video Playback: See how both devices play music and video content, including the iPod touch’s new double Home button click feature, which brings volume and track controls to the screen even if it’s in Hold mode or in the midst of another application.