Sennheiser rolls out apt-X Bluetooth headphones for iPod, iPhone

Sennheiser has introduced two new Bluetooth stereo headphones and a new Bluetooth dongle for iPod and iPhone, all featuring the apt-X audio codec. Apt-X was designed to work within the Bluetooth A2DP profile to enhance sound quality; the developer claims it delivers CD-quality sound and a high degree of error resilience despite the inherent bandwidth restrictions. The PXC 310 BT is Sennheiser’s new flagship Bluetooth headphone, offering NoiseGuard 2.0 active noise canceling, a TalkThrough feature to allow for short conversations while the headphones are still on the listener’s ears, a foldable design, neodymium drivers, patented Duofol diaphragms, an included carrying case, rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, and on-board controls.

The PX 210 BT portable model also features on-board controls, as well as a foldable design, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and apt-X audio decoding, but lacks the 310’s NoiseGuard active noise canceling feature. Finally, the BTD 300 is a Made for iPod- and Works With iPhone-certified Bluetooth dongle for the iPod and iPhone, capable of adding apt-X A2DP audio transmission functionality to any Dock Connecting model, including iPods and iPhones without integrated stereo Bluetooth support. The BTD 300 is not needed, however, for the PXC 310 BT and PX 210 BT to work with iPods and iPhones that already offer Bluetooth support, or with older iPods via an existing Bluetooth adapter. Sennheiser’s new PXC 310 BT and PX 210 BT headphones are expected to hit stores this month for an undetermined price; pricing and release information for the BTD 300 have yet to be announced.

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