ShareiTunes Offers New Search Features

ShareiTunes has added a new keyword search feature, which searches share name, genres, artists, albums, and songs and returns all the shares that match. ShareiTunes offers a catalog of members sharing their iTunes playlist for others to find. iTunes sharing on the Interent has become the hot topic in recent news. Though it isn’t illegal to share a streaming playlist from iTunes, many are finding ways to exploit the stream with software to capture and download the song to their hard drive, which is illegal.

Richard Yaker, owner of commented, “There is a lot of buzz after the LA Times article, and sites like SpyMac Music shutting down. We have no plans to shut ourselves down. We do not think we are doing anything wrong. We do not support stealing/illegal copying.  Our vision of sharing is Apple’s version of sharing where only 5 other computers with iTunes can connect to your iTunes hosted collection at a time. Shared [streaming] music can not be burned, it can not be put on an iPod, and it can’t even be put into your own playlists.  Also with the links to iTunes Music Store, Amazon, and now CD Baby displayed in our playlist browser we are fully encouraging users to buy the music they like.”

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