is launched lists those people sharing their iTunes 4 library on the Internet. Simply sign-up at their website to be included in the 180+ sharers. Categories for each listed user includes; iTunes Share Name, iTunes Share Owner, Genres, Comments, Status and duration. We asked Richard Yaker, the owner of the website what prompted him to start such a website…

“We started playing with sharing. He [Richard’s partner and friend, Christian Bevacqua] is a musician, former Bass player for the now defunct Ditch Croaker and thought the easy access to so much music without scouring the net was amazing.  I had an album he was thinking of buying and being able to play it helped.

We thought a directory of sharing addresses would be great and better than people just sending them to people or putting them on forums. Databases are our expertise so making a database, and having the directory be sortable, and searchable was where we went right away. The search feature will be added soon now that our list is growing.”

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