Shure unveils KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System

Shure has announced the KSE1200, a lower-cost version of its high-end KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System. Like it’s older sibling, the KSE1200 system is a portable audio-ampliciation system that provides high-fidelity listening in just about any environment, with an extremely high level of detail and isolation for a portable listening device. The KSE1200 provides the same basic performance and technology of the KSE1500, but omits the DSP and digital inputs, resulting in a more compact and affordable device — the KSE1200 is priced at $1,999 versus the $2,999 price tag of the KSE1500 — but acknowledges that most users of portable media players already have a DSP built-in; as Matt Engstrom, Senior Category Director of Product Management at Shure points out, “The new KSE1200 system was developed for those who prefer the electrostatic sound signature using their own DAC” and allows Shure to provide an electrostatic sound solution at what is arguably a more affordable price, albeit it one that still remains only within the purview of serious audiophiles. The KSE1200 Electrostatic Earphone System will be available for purchase in May.


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