Codality has released an update to Simplenote, its cloud-based note-taking app for the iOS platform. Simplenote 3.1 adds several new features and enhancements including improvements to tags and sharing, basic support for lists and Dropbox syncing. The latest version now supports auto-completion for adding tags to notes, renaming tags and improves tag syncing with the Simplenote service. Tags can also be used for sharing notes with other users simply by entering a name from the iOS contacts and group tags can be created to easily allow notes to be shared with multiple users at once. A basic lists feature has also been added for Premium users allowing any note to be turned into a simple list where items can be edited in-line, rearranged or crossed off. Premium users can also now configure the Simplenote service on the web to store and synchronize notes in a Dropbox account. The latest update also includes a number of smaller fixes and improvements. Simplenote 3.1 is a universal app and is available from the App Store as a free download. The free version is ad-supported; users can choose from either a $5 one-time in-app purchase to remove the ads or a $20 per year Premium subscription which not only removes the ads but provides several additional features such as the ability to create notes by e-mail.


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