Slack drops Apple Watch app

Popular team collaboration service Slack has removed its Apple Watch app in its latest update, continuing a trend that began last year with major players such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, and Transit all phasing out Apple Watch support for various reasons. While the practical usefulness of the Apple Watch Slack app was open to debate, it did provide users with a few additional capabilities, the company added in the release notes for the latest update that “receiving and replying to messages from your wrist works the same as before,” which will continue to be supported courtesy of normal watchOS rich notifications.
While some developers such as Google and Transit have promised to bring back Apple Watch support at some point in the future, possibly as part of re-working these apps for the broader capabilities offered by the Apple Watch Series 3 and watchOS 4, other apps such as Twitter have publicly state that notifications were the primary focus on their Apple Watch experience, which seems to be the same approach that Slack is now adopting as well.

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