Slice debuts iPhone app for easily tracking online purchases

Jesse Hollington
By Jesse Hollington  - Senior Editor

Online shopping organizer service Slice has released an official iPhone app allowing users to easily track all of their online shopping activity while on the go. The Slice service provides users with a simple way to collect and organize information about their purchases online, saving time and money by analyzing electronic receipts, tracking order progress and taking advantage of price adjustments.

The Slice app for iPhone automatically scrapes through the user’s e-mail inbox to consolidate online receipts, shipment notifications, tracking numbers, return policies and customer service information into a single, convenient view allowing users to see the status of their orders and purchases at a glance without having to track down and manually enter order information.

Push Notifications provide alerts for shipment updates as well as notifications of price drops that may have occurred since placing an order so that users can contact the retailer to recoup the difference.

Shipments in-progress are tracked within the app on an integrated map view across multiple carriers along with detailed information about each package and the application also provides easy access to receipts and often hard-to-find return information to simplify the process of returning unwanted purchases. Users can also get reports containing detailed information on purchases right down to individual items, providing more useful information than can be found on a credit card statement.

By Jesse Hollington Senior Editor
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