SlingPlayer Mobile adds High-Quality Streaming


Sling Media has released an update to its SlingPlayer Mobile client for the iPhone and iPod touch adding support for High-Quality (HQ) streaming from specific Slingbox models. Users of Slingbox Solo and Slingbox Pro-HD devices can now stream their content in High-Quality mode over Wi-Fi or 3G connections provided sufficient bandwidth is available between the user’s home network and the iPhone or iPod touch. The new version maintains compatibility with older Slingbox Classic, Tuner, AV and Pro models for streaming in standard quality. Slingbox Solo and Pro-HD users will also need to update their Slingbox Software before they will be able to connect using the new version of the iOS app. SlingPlayer Mobile 2.0 is available from the App Store for $30 and is a free update for current users.

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