Smarte Carte Charge Cartes offer airport iPod recharging

Designed to appeal to iPod, PDA, and cell phone owners without access to portable chargers, Smarte Carte’s Charge Cartes are now appearing in airports across the United States. Equipped with three white iPod Dock Connector cables and nine additional blue cables that have popular cell phone and PDA plugs at their ends, a Charge Carte offers 30 minutes of rapid recharging time for $3, enabling you to connect your iPod and charge up to half of its battery capacity. An LED countdown timer lets you know how many minutes of power remain.


The stations can be placed by airport operators at any location, including in departure areas or baggage claims, enabling users to charge up while they’re waiting to leave. Like the company’s baggage cart rental services, the Charge Cartes accept credit cards; unlike them, the Cartes do not accept cash.


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