Smartr Contacts adds iCloud, Facebook support

Xobni has released an update to Smartr Contacts adding support for iCloud mail and Facebook messaging along with a number of other interface improvements. Smartr Contacts provides a contact management solution designed to provide an aggregated view of contact information from multiple sources such as e-mail conversations and social networking profiles. Version 1.6 adds support for bringing iCloud e-mail messages into Smartr Contacts as well as opening Facebook messages directly from within the app. Users can also now view and reply to e-mails from their contacts and view and open any calendar appointment along with the profile for each attendee.

The update also improves contact editing with archiving and the ability to view the source for a given phone number as well as improving searching, phone number ranking and location data from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Additional enhancements include unlimited contact and message availability, improvements to social update information and performance, speed, stability and security enhancements. Smartr Contacts for iPhone is available from the App Store as a free download.

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