Solio solar charger now available in black

Solio solar charger now available in black 1

Better Energy Systems has announced the availability of a black version of the Solio solar charger for iPods. The $100 device—which can also charge cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras—features an integrated Lithium Ion battery and folding fan blade design.

“Award-winning, compact and versatile—Solio stores power from the sun or socket; freeing you to recharge your iPod, cell phone and other handhelds anywhere, anytime,” says the company. “A fully charged Solio provides up to 14 hours of additional power—one hour of sunshine gives about one hour of play time.”

  1. Umm… Anywhere anytime? Sorry but what about cloudy days? This is a cool idea but it doesn’t seem all that practical. Personally, if I had one of these, I don’t think I’d ever get a chance to charge it in 14 hours of daylight and then actually need it. Where are you going to be where there is no power except for solar power? Hiking? Hello… don’t bring your iPod hiking… well I wouldn’t anyway. Somebody must want and/or need this…

    One more thing… who needs to listen to music SO badly that they need to spend $100 dollars on a solar charger that they would only NEED to use hiking or camping? This product just confuses me.

  2. Werewolf, perhaps the part of the article to note is:

    “The $100 device—which can also charge cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras”

    I can certainly see myself purchasing one of these if I knew I was going to be away from a power socket for a while and needed a way to easily charge my cell phone and camera. The fact that this thing can also charge iPods is certainly a plus, though–as you’ve noted–perhaps not an essential feature.

  3. Well, a cell phone or a PDA… those are things that I could actually really need to have charged, so I see the appeal there. Still, I think $100 is a bit over the top for something that probably won’t get much use. Ah well nobody said I have to buy it. lol

  4. although I agree with you werewolf, that in most cases it seems a little ridiculous, I’m actually considering getting one for a hike. this summer my wife and I are hoping to hike the saint james way from paris through spain and to the atlantic coast. We love listening to audio books, and will be taking our ipods. not having to find a place to charge up the ipod would be great (especially the first 30 days where we’ll be camping). I’m torn between this, and a good BTI battery, which will give me a much longer charge – I’ll probably go with the BTI if they come out with a 5G compatible version before we leave.

  5. I *always* take my iPod hiking. In fact that was why I bought one in the first place.

    I intend to get one of these as soon as the Motorola V3 tip is available. It would have come in handy several times over the last year, even if it works a fraction as well as indicated.

  6. I got one a while ago, and I posted a review at my site,

    All in all, I love my Solio. I especially love the idea that when I go hiking or camping I can use it to charge my iPod, electric lanterns, and whatever else completely ruins the idea of leaving the daily hustle and bustle in order to enjoy nature! However, at least I’ll be doing it in an environmentally conscious manner. The Solio is made from all recycled, recyclable, and environmentally friendly materials. According to their website, the Solio is intended to achieve a net energy benefit over its lifetime. To reach this goal, energies needed for raw materials and production have been minimized. Better Energy Systems has also planted tree’s in a bio-diverse sustainable forest to offset the carbon dioxide produced in the manufacture of the Solio.

  7. I have had one of these for gettng on to two years now. A white one. it never ceases to maze me at the attitude of some people , but mostly those at the other side of what we laughingly call the pond. Hello out there , wake up ! its about sustainability and being more responsible about your environment. Yes it may be a little expensive, but think of the WIDER implications, god I despair! I wonder if I should consider a lame law suit against apple as Ipods are obviously causing brain damage!

  8. Perhaps not being small minded twit would help, werewolf. Just because you can’t see the usefulness in your life, doesn’t mean everybody is like you…

    This is a fabulous device that will really help me and a lot of my friends with cell and iPods. I take week long motorcycle camping trips where there is no place to plug in for a recharge. While it is possible to hook up a charger to the motorcycle, it’s a pain in the rear. Using the Solio will allow me to have it charge while I’m riding, and then recharge my devices at night.

  9. Let’s say you end up on a stranded island somehow… and all you have is your trusty ipod. Wouldn’t you be glad that you had this little thing with you? If your ipod dies while you’re there, you can just recharge it in a jiffy. Sure surviving might be the most important thing… but you don’t wanna be bored while dying out there. I’ll bet you the whole cast of LOST would be begging for one of these if they had a ipod/phone/pda/gps/camera/etc.

  10. I believe that some people really miss the point…who said that you can only use this device when you are hiking or camping. What about an everyday application. Wouldn’t you feel better charging your rechargable batteries with the sun? How many devices use AA AAA batteries, your Wii, guitar accessories, etc etc. Take all your small electronics off the grid knowing every little bit counts.
    Also a small misconception, you dont need a sunny day to charge a battery. Ever heard of getting a sun burn on a cloudy day?

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