Some users report iPad Pro unresponsive after long charge, requiring restart

Some users of the new iPad Pro are finding the device becomes unresponsive after being charged for a lengthy period, requiring a hard restart to restore functionality, MacRumors reports. Dozens of MacRumors forum users claim that the large tablet appears frozen after overnight charging, forcing them to restart the device. The issue has affected 32GB and 128GB versions running iOS 9.1 and is present in both Wi-Fi and cellular models. Users have speculated that restoring from an iCloud backup may be contributing to the freezing issue, but Apple’s support team has been giving customers varied suggestions for a fix, suggesting the exact cause of the problem is still unknown. After days of testing, we at iLounge haven’t seen this particular behavior exhibited in our iPad Pro, but other users have had some success getting around the issue by restoring the iPad to factory settings using iTunes or force restarting the device by holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons down at the same time.