Sony, Best Buy team on iPod speaker systems

Sony and Best Buy have partnered on a new line of audio products, which includes two iPod-docking speaker systems. Part of the new Altus line, the ALT-SA31iR is a multi-room system consisting of a docking station for the iPod and iPhone, and two high-output wireless speakers. An AM/FM tuner is also featured, along with an S-Air remote control with an LCD for display of metadata such as album, artist, and track information. The AIR SW10Ti is a compact speaker system with an integrated dock, two built-in speakers, an FM tuner, 60 Watts RMS output power, an included remote control, and the ability to stream audio to compatible Altus and S-Air products. The new ALT-SA31iR and AIR-SA10Ti will be available for pre-order soon from for $700 and $400, respectively, and are expected in Best Buy stores in September.

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