Sony BMG releases Musika iPod game


Sony BMG has released its first iPod game, Musika. A music visualizer game, Musika was created by NanaOn-Sha president Masaya Matsuura, best known for his work on the music video game “PaRappa the Rapper.” The game utilizes a single button during normal gameplay, as it draws on the iPod’s music library by creating visualizations based on song titles. “The iPod is a device that revolutionized music and it is now poised to be a progressive gaming platform,” said Matsuura. “Many years ago Apple’s tools first opened my eyes to the power of music and multimedia, so it’s exciting to release my first game for this device.” Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business & U.S. sales for Sony BMG, added, “Musika is a natural extension of our existing relationship with the iPod and iTunes, and represents another step in our ongoing campaign to broaden our reach in the area of music-based mobile entertainment.” Musica is available now through iTunes for $5. To learn more about the game, see our first look article.

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