Sony offers iPod dock for BRAVIA systems

Sony has introduced a new iPod dock designed to connect the device to the Digital Media Port on compatible BRAVIA home theater systems and audio receivers. The Sony Digital Media Port iPod DockTDM-IP1—priced at $100 and available for pre-order now—works with fourth- and fifth-generation iPods, first- and second-generation iPod nanos, and the iPod mini. In addition to playing audio through the BRAVIA systems, the
dock also charges an iPod’s battery.

  1. Still don’t get it eh Sony?
    $100?? Who are they kidding, it should come in the box with a Bravia, or be a sub-$20 add on to an existing system.

  2. Anyone dumb enough to pay an extra $1000~2500 for one of Sony’s TVs will be dumb enough to pay $75 more for an iPod dock. Sony plays the same game Apple does, they just somehow manage to get that much more money for their asian-made junk.

    I’m happy to plug my generic headphone jack to RCA plugs into my receiver and TV, they cost $10 at Radio Shack.

  3. Asian-made junk, Nick? Yuor iPod is only designed in California.

    Still it’s interesting to watch Sony finally concede to the iPod’s popularity. It took long enough. They stood by minidisc for way too long and then introduced some pretty lame digital players. But the biggest mistake they made (and continue to make) is Sonic Stage. Anyone ever use that? God it’s awful.

  4. I agree with YAYAYA, Sony products are more expensive for a reason. Everyone just hates Sony because they’re the best. When PC Magazine reviewed the BRAVIA XBR, they stated that it had the truest colours and highest contrast of any LCD they’d ever seen. The same goes for this dock, you can just tell that it’s of higher quality.

  5. Despite it being described as for use with “Bravia” home theatre systems (and audio receivers), it does not appear to be intended for direct connection to BRAVIA televisions.

    It is instead for connecting to Sony surround sound systems.

    I suspect they are (mis)using the Bravia brand here because it is currently one of their few successes (despite being over priced).

    While I am currently planning to buy one or even two Bravia TVs I do not plan to buy a Sony surround sound system (I will probably get a Denon). Therefore this adapter will be useless to me.

  6. Ignorance is bliss.. Sonys LCD’s ARE superior. and Yamaha, denon and onkyo charge a $100 for this same thing. If you think mini to rca sounds as good, you are retarded.

    You guys are confirming Sony’s comment of “Cheap Americans” everyday.

  7. Also it’ll connect to any other product with a DMPort-from Sony (could be exclusive to them), like the DAV-HDX or STR-DG series audio products.

  8. Sony haters…I’m sure there are reasons why their TVs are more expansive than others. Where could you find equivalent to those sweet Bravias? Maybe LG? dun think so and 100$ for a duck isn’t that bad considering that TV cost like 3000~5000$ so an extra ain’t that much

  9. Yes this docking station DOES work with the iphone 3G. I just can’t get it to play you tube videos, and in my query is how i found this thread. I have had the Sony Bravia DAV-HDX501W wich comes with theis dock and have been nothing but STOKED! My friends come over and trip out about my Home theater set up and ALWAYS get pissed off when I let them know how much I paid for the Bravia with ALL it’s features. C’mon, the only people that hate on Sony are the cheapskates who are trying to save a buck and always feel stupid later for not buying the Sony “crap”.

  10. I have the dock that came with the Sony DAV-HDX678WF and I plugged in my iPhone (1st gen) and all I had was the audio. Does the DMImport support the video output from my iPhone? I was so bummed when there was no image on my screen. downer. I tried every Input and no image. I had the function set to DMImport.

  11. Sony sux I recently purchased BDV-E800W and had no issue with using iphome 3g on the DM Port adapter since upgrading to the os4 it no longer works, after contacting Sony today I was advised that they are not going to offer support to fix the error I want a refund.

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