Sony rolls out new iPhone-ready car stereo, others

Sony has introduced three new iPod-ready car stereos. The CDX-GT630UI features the ability to connect directly to both iPods and iPhones via USB, and Passenger Control which allows passengers to control the connected device while being charged. Other features include front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs, a flip-down detachable faceplate, and a 13-segment, LCD with black LED display. The CDX-GT430IP comes with a 1.5 meter cable featuring a 30-pin connector to provide full menu control and charging for iPod. It too offers Passenger Control, as well as a black LED screen and front and rear/sub preamp outputs. Finally, the CDX-GT330 offers compatibility with the $50 XA-120IP adapter to allow for charging and head unit control of iPods. Sony’s CDX-GT630UI, CDX-GT430IP and CDX-GT330 head units all include a wireless remote control, and will sell for $160, $130, and $100, respectively, when they go on sale in September.

  1. Now if somebody (please) will design a mount or stand for the vehicle where you just slide the device in, justlike the desktop stand for the iPhone, then there would be not cable mess.

    It would be so easy to just get in ur vehicle slide/place ur device in a dock which will swirl for landscape view.. and u r good to go..

    Let’s see how long this would take. My bet is $10 that it will come out in 6 month.

  2. @dennis
    I’m with you on that one. But we must insist that it not be a POS universal style with big paws on the side that obstruct the view.
    I’ve seen some pretty much like you’re talking about but they are over $50 by the time you’ve bought them and paid for shipping.
    I’m almost ready to make my own.

  3. @RCB .. I’m thinking to build me my own one too. It’s not that hard if you use a regular sync/charge stand and a carPWR converter.

    @this .. I checked them out and they are close to it but not close enough.

    I’ll build me one and post a few pics 😉

  4. So would the middle unit, the 430IP be the best value since it offers the cable for the iPod already whereas the 330 requires the $50 accessory bringing it’s total price to $150, or $20 more than the 430? I’ll be looking at a new head unit soon, and a wireless remote and immediate iPod hookup all for $130 is my kind of deal.


  5. What about compatibility with the iPhone ? I have an Alpine car stereo who worked great with my old nano but don’t work with my new iPhone (audio is OK but no battery charge) 🙁
    Too bad those car stereos can’t be updated !

  6. This new Sony iPod-ready unit is really very similar to (and it looks like a dead ringer) of an already existing Pioneer system currently included in ALL 2009 Scions. Scion xB, Scion xDs, etc. iPod-ready out of the box. You attach your iPod via USB. You can even control/select your iPod playlists from the head unit, or via the Scion steering wheel audio controls.

    Another compact car that has an out-of-the-box iPod-oriented audio unit are those MINI Coopers.

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