Sony has introduced four new speaker systems for the iPod and iPhone. The ICF-CD3iPSIL CD Clock Radio for iPod and iPhone features a slide-out dock, a vertical CD player with a large LCD on its cover, a digital AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, dual alarms with 2/5/7 day settings and the option of waking to the iPod or iPhone, CD, radio, or buzzer, an included remote control, and an auxiliary input jack for connecting other audio sources. It will be available later this month for $100. Sony’s ZS-S4iP CD Boombox for iPod and iPhone features a built-in dock that recesses into the unit, keeping the docked device secure during transport, Mega Bass sound technology, an alternate cover for the dock that allows the user to access the iPhone or iPod touch’s screen while docked, line-in and headphone jacks, an AM/FM tuner, an included wireless remote, and a small display directly above the dock. It will be available in black or white and will sell for $100 when it goes on sale in October.

Sony unveils four new speaker systems for iPod, iPhone

The SRS-GU10IP Dock Speaker System for iPod and iPhone is a tabletop-style system featuring a built-in dock, 20W of total power, a piano black high-quality wooden cabinet for improved tonal quality, a Bass Boost function for enhanced bass response, and an included remote control. It will sell for $150. Finally, the XDR-S10HDiP HD Radio and Dock for iPod features a digital AM/FM/HD Radio tuner, iTunes Tagging support, iPhone compatibility, a backlit LCD display, a built-in dock, an auxiliary input jack, an alarm clock with option to wake to the radio, buzzer, or aux-input source, and an included remote control. It well sell for $180; both the SRS-GU10IP and XDR-S10HDiP are expected to be available later this month.

Charles Starrett

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