Sony unveils wireless, DJ-style music systems for iPod

Sony has unveiled two new audio systems for the iPod, one offering multi-room wireless audio, the other dual iPod docks for DJ-style mixing. The Sony S-AIRPLAY system employs Sony’s S-Air technology to wirelessly transmit audio from the system’s main docking station to separate S-Air wireless speakers. The system includes one docking station, which features a built-in iPod dock, an AM/FM tuner, a dual source to allow one speaker to listen to radio while the other listens to audio from the iPod, and composite A/V outputs. The wireless speakers, two of which are included in the system, and up to 10 of which can be used simultaneously, offer remote control capability for the iPod’s music controls, sleep timers and alarm clock functionality. The Sony S-AIRPLAY audio system is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping in September for $400.

imageSony’s XROSS FADE is a DJ-style shelf system for iPod offering dual iPod docks, a cross-fader with monitor cue and a built-in two-channel mixer. Other features include 450 watts of total power output, a pair of two-way bass reflex speakers, a dual 7-inch subwoofer enclosure, a CD player, an AM/FM tuner, a line-in jack for other audio sources, scroll wheel mechanisms for iPod navigation, a USB recording function to save mixing sessions in MP3 format, and a beat blend feature that adds a layer of pre-programmed percussion, drum sounds and loops over the mix. Part of the Sony’s Muteki series, the XROSS FADE is now available for pre-order and will be available in September for around $500.

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