Soulver adds currency conversions, Dropbox sync

Acqualia has released an update to Soulver, its notepad calculator for the iPhone and iPod touch adding the ability to handle currency conversions and sync saved work to Dropbox along with a number of other enhancements. Soulver is a calculator app that uses a notepad design to allow users to perform calculations in a spreadsheet style rather than using a traditional calculator view. Users can write out entire mathematical problems, see results as they type and edit expressions in-line to correct mistakes or change calculations.

Soulver 2.0 adds a new currency keyboard for performing conversions and calculations across multiple currencies. Users can quick insert, change, hide and reorder currencies as well as adding and subtracting across different currencies. The new version also provides the ability to share work with the iPad or Mac version of Soulver using Dropbox, adds a variables keyboard for accessing frequently used numbers, a programmers keyboard for calculations in hexadecimal and binary and adds several new functions, formatting options and settings.

Soulver 2.0 is available from the App Store for a current price of $1. An iPad version, Soulver for iPad is sold separate for $6.