Soundflavor DJ spins iTunes

Soundflavor today released Soundflavor DJ, digital music software that helps iTunes users create playlists, rediscover the songs in their library, and discover new music based on songs that they already like. Soundflavor DJ is powered by the Music Recommendation Engine and song recommendations are based on more than six years of research that includes the analysis of hundreds of thousands of songs, spanning nearly every genre of music. Soundflavor DJ works as a companion to iTunes and is available for free to Windows XP users.

A Mac version, as well as support for additional digital music software such as Windows Media Player, is planned.
You start by playing a few songs in iTunes. These songs will appear in the Soundflavor DJ PlayStream. Soundflavor DJ then takes over and begins showing the album artwork for upcoming songs to be played.

Adjusting the “Flavorizer” knob controls how often Soundflavor DJ makes song recommendations to enhance the playlist. The Flavorizer can be set to “Mild Flavor” to freshen up an existing playlist, or “Full Flavor” to give you a chance to kick back and let Soundflavor DJ take over. Once every few songs, a recommendation is made for a song that is similar to other songs being played, but is not in your personal music collection.