Sparrow adds in-app browser, badge settings

Sparrow has released an update to its advanced e-mail app for the iPhone and iPod touch adding several new features and quashing a few bugs in the process. Based on the Sparrow Mac e-mail client, the iOS version provides a number of advanced features such as Priority Inbox, labels and archiving for Gmail accounts along with a unified inbox, photo attachment support and a swipe gesture based user interface. Sparrow 1.1 now includes a built-in web browser for opening links within the app without requiring the user to switch over to Safari as well as new options for sending & archiving in one step and emptying trash and spam folders. Users can also now choose to hide specific labels/folders that they don’t need quick access to on the go and can customize the app icon badge for each individual account. Version 1.1 also addresses a number of bugs related to mail server compatibility and composing and viewing messages and attachments. Sparrow requires iOS 5.0 or later and is available from the App Store for $3.

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