Speakal unveils new speakers for iPod, iPhone

Speakal has unveiled its new lineup of speakers for the iPod and iPhone. The SBPKX-100 is a portable speaker system featuring a colorable LED light behind the front-mounted dock, DSP audio processing, an AM/FM alarm clock with 20 user presets, an LCD clock with iPhone/iPod clock synchronization, and the ability to run off wall power or AA batteries. The SB 12 is a tall, rounded system featuring touch controls and a front-mounted dock, while the iExecutive is a long speaker system featuring a top-mounted dock, a 20W subwoofer for added low-end response, an SD card slot, USB port, and Bluetooth for expanded audio playback options, an alarm clock, a radio with 20 user presets, and a video output. The Kurve is a tubular sound dock offering 20W of total power, a centrally-positioned dock, and an integrated LED with four levels of brightness. Finally, the SB5 is an oval-shaped speaker with a unique front grill pattern, a top-mounted dock, Bluetooth audio capabilities, and 27W of total output. Speakal’s new speakers for the iPod and iPhone are expected to be available later this year; pricing has yet to be announced.

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