SpeckTone Retro iPod speaker system debuts

Speck Products has announced the SpeckTone Retro, a new iPod speaker system with vintage styling. “SpeckTone Retro looks like nothing you’ve seen for the iPod. The clean lines and nostalgic elegance of 1950’s style makes a statement without replicating or competing with the modern, sleek look of the iPod itself,” says Speck. The $150 speaker system features a top-mounting iPod dock, 28 watt output, a 4” subwoofer and two 3” drivers, and support for 4G and 5G iPods, the iPod nano and iPod mini. SpeckTone Retro’s all-wood speaker cabinet is available in three high-gloss lacquered finishes—green/brown, black/black and white/silver. It will begin shipping in June.

  1. i hope this speaker system gets a good review for both sound and functionality. i also second the above comment – no remote???

  2. I personally hate the whole 50’s retro aesthetic, whether it’s in furniture, clothing or electronics. This is One Ugly Box (OUB) in my humble opinion.

  3. check out the web site… it comes in black and white/grey. looks a lot better in those colors. the price is tempting, even with no remote. i’m looking forward to reading a first look or a full review.

  4. Wow. I seem to remember my parents had a washing machine in that shade of green (dryers were rare birds in the early 1960’s for most folk). Deja vu all over again, not that that’s a good thing, mind you.

  5. Atleast they don’t say “A new speaker system made for audiophiles”. Lots of points for that one 🙂

    It is pretty damn ugly though, even in black and/or white.

  6. Pretty darn cool looking! I hope they don’t bundle a remote with this, and maybe the sound will be audiophile quality!

  7. I like the chartreuse version best. Yeah… I said chartreuse, lol! No remote though is a problem. eban, I’d invite you over for a daiquiri, but you’d have a real hard time keeping it down at my pad, a real hard time.


  8. I like this system, but then I have a taste for the late fifties modern design. If the sound quality is good I will be tempted. As I probably would use this bedside, a remote is of little importance for me, but I would liked to have seen a radio tuner integrated.

  9. I knew it! I knew the pictures were of a retro stereo system (or I did, at the very least, have my suspicions)! Now, iLounge, tell me: did I win one?

  10. Should sound pretty good but that
    green tone does have a familiar tint
    a la radio shack salesperson attire circa 1950’s

  11. O..MG!!!! I love it! I love the green and brown. A more accurate description of it’s retro styling would be mid-century modern. Right out of Rob and Laura Petre’s living room. Just perfect. Been dragging my feet about buying a speaker and lo and behold, I couldn’t have designed a more perfect model.

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